Rack jack, offroad, jack 11/ 122 cm, 3000kg (FJ48)

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WIMMER Garage Tools FJ48

Farm Jack, OFF-Road Lift, jack 122 cm

  • Max. height: 107 / 122 cm
  • Min. height: 11/15.5 cm
  • Max. load capacity : 3000kg (3T)
  • Max. tensile load: 2250kg
  • Max. winch capacity: 2000kg (2T)
  • Maximum height at:
  • 2500kg; 0-300mm
  • 2000kg; 300-500mm
  • 1500kg; 500-1070mm
  • Maximum clamp load: 340kg
  • Minimum lowering load: 50kg
  • Dimensions recording 4 x 11 cm
  • Material steel
  • Length of lever arm 74 cm

Technical data :
Model: FJ48
Min. height: 110/155mm
Max. height: 1070 / 1220mm
Load capacity:
Max. 3000kg
Weight: 15.0kg
Dimensions: 126x26x14cm

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